Breast Cancer Survivor Sticks
This is a very moving stick.  When I made the first one, I could not decide if I should take it to a show. It had the words "No More Chemotherapy" on it and when I walked by it, I saw the word "Mother" in there.

My mom is a 2 time Breast Cancer Survivor, and 1 time Lung Cancer Survivor of over 12 years now. She has been blessed with a lot of strength and support. While being a caregiver to my Father, she also took care of herself through all this.
Photo: My Mom at a show, sharing her artwork she created.

So this leads me to those other people who have touched our lives at the shows and who buy a Breast Cancer Survivor Stick. Each stick is so different, yet has the same meaning. To survive! I like to add words of inspiration, along with a pink ribbon. The word Survivor and a word relating to each letter of the word survivor.

Below, I'd like to introduce some the people I have met along my journey of sharing my art with others.

Due to her illness with treatments, the moment was delayed for this woman to be united with her stick. It finally happened and many tears were shed. She was very touched. My mom colored the stick to be a part of the making of such a memorable moment.

Isabel finds her stick hanging in my booth as her friend looks on. What a great surprise gift!

She couldn't stop crying. She holds her Breast Cancer Survivor Stick along with her Life History added to it.

Isabel, with a friend, uses her stick in the Race for The Cure in Jacksonville, Fl .

Order your survivor stick today and share a special moment with a loved one or dear friend.
These sticks run $125 unless we add more about their Life to the stick. It can be very colorful, or it can be more plain with words and the pink ribbon.
Email me and we can discuss any options you want.

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