How It All Began...

In 1996 I was hiking in the mountains of Cashiers, NC. I would gather all fallen branches to take home and start to work on. One day a friend showed me a wood burner and little did I know that would change my life Forever. Through time I began to find better tools that would speed up the process of my art. I just could not make them fast enough, my mind was going nuts. I would color them with many different things and then polyurethane them several times so they would be protected from the elements. I then found ways to make them more interesting and now use recycled leather coats for the hand grips, compasses in the tops, crystals or bubbles, even door knobs. If I find something that I think will fit in the top of a stick I will try to add it. The most important this is to recycle as much as possible.

There are so many different things that can be done with a stick . If you have an idea or thoughts of what you would like on a stick, email me. It is your stick and I want you to have fun while walking.

Sage and Clove sometimes would go with me. Both dogs are in heaven now, but their spirits are still with me.

My Stick Stash for a summer. Then I just jump in the pool to clean off all the saw dust.

I often take my Chain Saw to trim the branches to size, zing zing zing zing......

Just some of many designs I create.
Prices range from $75 to $150.
I can work with any budget.

Take a Hike, Hug a Tree

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