My Inspirations

There are many things that inspire my art. My family. My Father passed away a few years ago but continues to inspire me. I moved from Georgia to Albany, New York to help my mom take care of him. He needed lots of constant care and mom just could not do it alone any longer. I picked up my business and came north and moved in with them. I didn't do many shows for a year to help him stay alive. I would make sticks for him to color and it was amazing what he could do. It was great therapy for his mind and hands.

My mom just recently passed away and I miss her every day. She also helped to color sticks whenever she could.

I love my time in the woods or kayaking with a friend. She enjoys coloring sticks now as well. Creating what I do with the Life History Sticks or Eagle Scout Sticks is very touching. I have many testimonials from people as to how they would watch their father cry when he looked at his stick. Or how proud they were of their Eagle Scout at ceremonies standing beside their stick. Or that some kids have had trouble walking and now their stick has helped them. Cancer Survivors would share their stories with my mom and I about how much their stick would support them on the days they were weak.

I enjoy making fun sticks for kids and adults that I meet at Craft Shows. I have fun with everyone that I meet along the way.

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