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A compass can be added to the top of the stick, along with a leather grip.
Life History Sticks
Awesome gifts for those who are hard to shop for, about to retire, or something very unique!

How to get started:

    Make a list of a person's life history.
  • IMPORTANT - what is the person's HEIGHT?
  • Do you want a compass in the top of the stick?
  • Name as you want to see it on the stick?
  • Birthday and any other memorable dates?
  • Birth city and/or state?
  • Family member's names, nicknames and birthdays if you wish (don't forget the grandkids!)
  • Anything Military, even photos of patches they own. I can recreate them on the stick.
  • Favorite Sports Teams
  • Hobbies, sports, other recreations they particularly enjoy?
  • Funny things that have happened to them their lives?

Your thoughts are the creative process of this stick, so have fun with it and ask me things if you need to. I love creating these and hope for many more orders to come.

They are $200 each plus $15 to ship them. Priceless!!

Life History Stick Owners

Jerry from Atlanta,Ga


Linda V. from California. Retired Teacher. Her young students created a list of things she did with them and I made her a breathtaking walking stick.

Take a Hike, Hug a Tree

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